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PPAI’s latest research video reveals that promotional products are the hands-down winner when it comes message recall—generating a 15-50% higher consumer recall rate than TV, print and online advertising!

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Promotional products are part of daily life, serving not only as useful tools, but as powerful, long-lasting advertising with constant exposure!! So here are 6 additional reasons to use promotional products in your business.. Enjoy the video =)

“Unleash the power of YOUR logo”


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Check out this video of an “air dancer” in use !! A great way to advertise and make sure that your brand gets seen!!

TO see our selection of “Air Dancer” inflatable products please click here – inflateAFRICA can customize the Air Dancers to YOUR logo and brand color. Do you have any […]

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Pretty Interesting info graphic we have here!! What do YOU think?? How do the emerging markets factor into this conclusion? What type of promotional items do you use in your advertising campaigns? What do you find are the most effective marketing campaigns and why?

“unleash the power of YOUR logo”

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